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Fall in love with your digital workplace. Valo offers solutions that you need to run your business efficiently.

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Valo Products

Valo Connect

With Valo Connect, customize a digital employee experience with all the tools you would need in one enterprise portal.

Valo Intranet

With Valo’s fast and easy to use in-a-box intranet, you’ll see increases in employee engagement and internal communication.

Valo Teamwork

Valo Teamwork allows you to access digital teams, projects, and collaboration tools within Microsoft 365 all through a single dashboard.

Valo Ideas

With Valo Ideas, you can collect, discuss, and manage ideas from right within Microsoft Teams. Valo Ideas allows you to innovate, build a better workplace, and empower your employees.

Valo Entrance

With Valo Entrance, you can easily add external users to your portal whether it be a Valo Extranet or out-of-the-box SharePoint.

More About Valo Connect

Personalized and Structured

In Valo Connect, intranet, pages, business apps, websites and custom-built apps are designed specifically for your business needs.

A One-Stop Enterprise Portal

With Valo Connect, collaboration, communication, and co-innovation happen all in one place. From internal communications to industry news, Valo Connect has everything you need in a one-stop portal.

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Easy Installation and Configuration

Easily configure the Valo Connect app within your organization, and integrate other Valo solutions into your digital workplace.

More About Valo Intranet

Communicate and Connect

Connect and engage with your people by sharing and interacting with company news, events, or important messages.

Content Management

Valo’s intranet solution allows you to easily create content in a relevant and timely manner. Not only can you target and tailor your content to specific audiences, but Valo lets you publish in multiple languages at once.

Customizable and Easy to Navigate Interface

Choose from ready-made user interfaces or create your own! Customizable search pages and the Mega Menu are tools that make sure  everyone can find what they’re searching for.

Core Features for Your Digital Workplace Needs

Valo intranet offers these core features that meet all your organization’s communication needs.

Creospark, a Valo Premium Partner

As a Valo Premium Partner we can help you get started with integrating Valo Intranet into your organization.

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Creospark x Valo Success Stories

One of our clients, Special Olympics Canada came to us with a need for a platform with flexible security and architecture that would allow them to share relevant information with the right people in their organization. We recommended Special Olympics Canada Valo Intranet which has greatly improved their SharePoint platform and employee engagement.

“Valo Intranet will allow us to grow. People are already starting to ask, “Hey, could we do this? Hey, could we do that?” The answer is going to be “yes” to a lot of those things, because of the functionality that’s there.”

Denise Strong

Director of Information Systems, Special Olympics Canada