Work with us to help you unlock your employee productivity and creativity, to drive innovation and success in this digital economy. Modern Teamwork are about people working in new ways to collaborate, plan and, taking your customers to the next level. That means you must transform. We can help you envision, strategize, plan and execute modern digital workplaces beyond your imagination.

How we do it

Our solutions leverage the full Microsoft Platform to help you successfully streamline and automate business processes. We then focus on creating an aesthetically pleasing single view of the information relevant to stakeholders and end users.

Our team of consultants intelligently organize information, improve communication among internal teams and effectively meet the needs of your people, business and stakeholders.

Our uncommon blend of soft skills, business experience, technological insights and certifications are the secret sauce to our success. We are designed to work with organizations like yours. From strategy to execution, to people and cultural change, our multidisciplinary teams take a holistic view of how processes, platforms and behaviors need to evolve.

Continue reading to learn more about the pieces to the Modern Teamwork puzzle offered at Creospark Business Process Automation.

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Intranets & Digital Workplace Solutions

Intranets are the core of a digital workplace.  Intranets centralize your decentralized world.  Intranets unify your company, information and people.

Turn your old, unused or broken intranet into a place for employees to connect, collaborate and increase productivity.

  • We deliver enterprise portals tailored to your specific business environment, communication style and corporate values
  • Leverage your Office 365 investments and create a hub of information for your employees to stay productive in any location and on any device

Microsoft Teams Enablement

Microsoft Teams is designed to bring together your teams’ meetings, files and conversations into a unified platform. Creospark’s #leadwithteams Microsoft Teams Enablement Solution powers organizations with a clear, executional plan for a successful Microsoft Teams rollout.

Contact us for a consultation of where your organization lies on the rollout readiness spectrum.

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Microsoft Teams Quick Deployment Program
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Teams Adoption

Our focus at Creospark is to have your users love the MS Teams technology service stack and showing them how it makes their lives easier.

Teams Integration

Given that MS Teams is going to be the new central “Hub” for Teamwork, it only makes sense to surface all of your other enterprise applications there to avoid context switching.

Teams Development

We have comprehensive development experience in all of the MS Teams extensibility options such as Bots, Tabs, Adaptive Cards, Messaging Extensions and Activity Feeds.

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Collaboration & Enterprise Content Services, Documents & Records Management

SharePoint content sprawl have you scratching your head?

Creospark’s certified consultants and MVP’s can help you organize, manage and make sense of your enterprise content. Contact us before your content hits an audit.

We help to inspire a collaborative and engaged workplace

We deploy integrated solutions including document or records management portals built within the Office 365, Azure & SharePoint platforms

  • Strategic advice and customized solutions around information architecture, taxonomy implementation, migration and cloud solution development.
  • Help organizations migrate and adopt the cloud using Creospark’s Cloud Adoption Pack
  • Support organizations experiencing tremendous growth in their volume of information through the creation of a records management system

Our Specialities Include:

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Information Management and Governance
  • Records Management & Compliance
  • eDiscovery
  • Content Workflow
  • Enterprise Search & Visualization
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Enterprise Social

Yammer or Teams – have they got you flustered?

Are you looking to hurdle the internal social media and collaboration challenge within your organization? The desire for employees to connect socially in a digital place is more evident than ever.

You are not alone, 85% of organizations struggle to figure out how to take advantage of technology to help propel their organization forward and keep up with the changing demographics.

Engage with us to discuss your challenges, needs and desires. Our industry experts and PROSCI certified consultants will work with you to create a digital social strategy to help you bring people together, break borders and create a social culture your leaders and employees desire.

Business Process Automation

Thinking of streamlining your business processes?

Now is the time! Business process automation, in its simplicity, enables organizations to automate and optimize tasks, while integrating applications to boost the productivity of your workforce.

Creospark’s consultants have freed up hours of employee productivity time and saved costs with simple and complex automation tasks.

Contact us to conduct a quick review of your current processes and propose a solution design.

Benefits of Business Process Automation:

  • Reduction of time spent to complete tasks and eliminate errors
  • Integrate the plethora of applications and systems
  • Ensures processes and policies are mandated and compliant
  • Increase productivity and motivation amongst teams

Migrate your business processes, forms, and applications to Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Apps and adopt the most modern business process automation services within the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

  • Solutions for organizations who have built custom workflows in classic SharePoint Online, on-premises or other workflow designers
  • Solutions for organizations who have customized their lists using InfoPath, Designer or any other form builder tools

Enterprise Integration

Integrate your SaaS applications into Office 365

We specialize in the integration of business applications, database systems, and various cloud or on-premise services across your enterprise with your Office 365 platform.

  • Synchronize and store metadata and documents across Azure, Office 365 & SharePoint
  • Kick-off automated business processes based on changing metadata in one technology within the other
  • Create a security model in Office 365 that correlates with your source systems
  • Migrate your documents, content, business processes and metadata across your on-premises and cloud based SaaS and PaaS systems

Using Microsoft Azure Cloud based “serverless” technologies like Automation, Functions & Logic Apps, Creospark accelerates your integration solutions using prebuilt APIs and connectors. This allows us to focus on the business logic and functionality you require for your Office 365 integration needs.

Crosscutting concerns such as building, hosting, scaling, managing, maintaining, and monitoring are taken care of and managed by the Azure platform with very competitive pay per use pricing behind the scenes.  At Creospark, we have developed repeatable patterns, practices and pre-baked templates for various
enterprise integration scenarios to support your Office 365 integration requirements.

Basic Business Case: Salesforce Document Storage

Salesforce does not specialize in document management/collaboration and has various storage limits that can end up costing quite a bit when they are exceeded. Integrating Office 365 allows the use of a system better suited for document management along with practically unlimited storage capabilities.

Your metadata in Salesforce may be needed for workflows and business processes run against content, data and/or documents in Office 365.  Having this metadata synced across Salesforce and Office 365 allows powerful search capabilities allowing your users to be more productive.

Microsoft 365 Training

Office 365 End User Training: Onsite or online workshops designed to train on features for collaboration, teamwork and building basic applications in Office 365

  • Understand & learn when to use which tools and services in Office 365 to increase your team’s effectiveness
  • Learn the various mechanisms & services in Office 365 to manage your business processes
  • Learn where in Office 365, it is best to maintain your documents and content
  • Get a grasp on the enterprise social features embedded within the Office 365 platform

Office 365 Power User Training: Onsite or online workshops designed to train Office 365 Technical Specialists in your organization

  • Empower Office 365 Advanced Users (Power Users) with a key set of Microsoft Office 365 Cloud services knowledge
  • Receive Hands-on training on how to rapidly create Office 365 based applications without the need of a developer
  • Get a grasp on the enterprise social features embedded within the Office 365 platform
  • Understand when you need to involve a development resource to extend the Office 365 platform
  • Learn when to use which tools and services in Office 365 by understanding your organization’s Inner and Outer loops and how to best communicate

Microsoft 365 Planning & Implementation

Your Office 365 rollout should be carefully planned before it is implemented.  Over hundreds of these implementations, we have a methodology that aims to cover all of the important considerations in such a roll out and migration.  This includes everything from migration & governance strategies to all the Microsoft 365 services such as Exchange Online, MS Project, SharePoint Online, MS Stream to fine grain aspects such as multi-lingual, SDLC, ALM, Backup/Restore, DR, Content Inventories, Champions, Security & Compliance, Sync Client, Mobile, Sharing & External Access strategy and much more!


Creospark is not just your ordinary development firm. We bring our years of enterprise consulting experience to your organization in order to build the most modern cloud solutions to match your desired business outcomes. We have helped hundreds of organizations go through our tried and tested cloud digital modernization program for the various services they want to roll out. This includes everything from interviewing executives to develop 3-year road-maps to working with individual departments at your organizations to understand their technology pain points.

Cloud Consulting

Organizations are making the transition to the cloud and they need expert to guide them through this digital modernization journey.

Enterprise Applications

With the move to the cloud, organizations are in need of support in strategically planning their move of their on premise enterprise applications to the newer cloud based SaaS and PaaS applications.

Envisioning & Roadmapping

By talking to stakeholders, end-users, subject matter experts and project team members we gather and discover as much information as possible about what the business outcomes are, associated success metrics, then we organize and document it.

IT Modernization

Assess the strategy & amount of adoption, change management & training needed for the full digital modernization roll out.  This includes a skills & resource gap analysis and cloud management tools assessment.

Migration Planning Services

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to cloud migration and it’s important to ensure your organization has a solid strategy for the migration.


Each year, billions of customer records are being compromised and it usually takes an average of 100 days to detect these breaches which costs companies millions and millions of dollars. Creospark helps organizations minimize risks of such breaches and pro-actively protect their data and users using built-in Microsoft 365 cloud security, privacy & compliance solutions.

Many organizations may or may not know the built-in security capabilities that they already have access to while they are connecting and collaborating internally with their own employees and externally with their customers using Microsoft 365 services.

Identity And Access Management

Safeguard and manage users’ identities and control access to valuable resources with Microsoft 365.

Threat Protection

Microsoft 365 helps organizations protect against advanced cyberthreats and quickly respond to attacks.

Information Protection

Microsoft 365 helps ensure documents, emails, and other data are seen only by authorized people.


Gain visibility and control over security tools and keep pace with the cybersecurity landscape.

Designed for your organization’s IT governance, information & identity security and compliance teams, examples of Creospark’s security offerings include:

  • Reviewing and supporting creation of your organization’s Cybersecurity policy
  • Mapping your security requirements to the various services & technologies in Office 365 & Azure that can help you satisfy your policies
  • Identifying any gaps in your existing policies and creating a strategic roll-out plan for the implementation of the Office 365 & Azure security technologies
  • Training on important Office 365 & Azure security concepts and capabilities


Artificial Intelligence

Creospark can help build AI into your business with Microsoft cognitive services, the bot framework and machine learning. Your business productivity can be advanced, and you can gain momentum for your business by creating intelligent business applications on the Microsoft 365 Teams and Power Platforms.


In combination with MS Teams and the Bot framework, Creospark can leverages Azure Bot Services to enable your organization to build intelligent, enterprise-grade bots with ownership and control of your data. Whether it is a simple conversational Q&A bot or a sophisticated virtual assistant with adaptive cards and complex workflows behind the scenes.

Machine Learning

Creospark can help your organization leverage Azure Machine Learning services for any kind of machine learning. This includes capabilities such as predicting future behaviors, business outcomes, and forecasting via trends. Azure ML services are able to learn without being explicitly programmed. We use easily understandable no-code tools such as Azure machine Learning designers in conjunction with advanced ML training languages like Python or R.


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