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What is Project Cortex?

Project Cortex is a new AI-powered service in Microsoft 365 that can help you empower your workforce. Through advanced AI technology, Project Cortex puts people at the center by making it easy to discover and share knowledge within the tools they use every day. It connects your business by organizing your content into a knowledge network and of shared topics like projects and customers to power individual productivity and improve workplace intelligence.


Tap into shared topics, resources and experts in the context of your own work

Automatically identify topics

Project Cortex applies AI to recognize topics across content and conversations, organize related information and generate topic pages that experts can curate

Find knowledge and experts

Topic cards connect you with resources and expertise in the apps you use every day across Microsoft 365


Intelligently categorize content and automate processes

Automatically classify content

Project Cortex uses advanced AI to capture and tag both structured and unstructured content.

Streamline content processes

Integration with Power Automate lets you build workflows that leverage extracted metadata.


Connect, manage and protect your content with advanced AI, security & workflow

Project Cortex only pulls knowledge from your organization and follows the same security and compliance controls present in Microsoft 365 and follows the same restrictions you have set in your apps.

Categories of Project Cortex

What is SharePoint Syntex?

SharePoint Syntex uses advanced AI and machine teaching to amplify human expertise, automate content processing, and transform content into knowledge.

SharePoint Syntex Content Center

The content center allows you to manage content at scale, integrate metadata and workflow, all the while delivering compliance automation.


Manual – Upload and extract content manually

Digital image processing – Automatically tag images and convert handwritten text into tags for search and further processing.

Document understanding – Machine teaching allows AI to capture content types and metadata from contracts, resumes and other unstructured documents.

Form processing – Build supervised and unsupervised machine learning models for processing forms and capturing content types and metadata from purchase orders, applications and other structured documents.

Object detection – Process digital content such as photos, scans, receipts, business cards and videos with OCR & text.

Microsoft Graph content connectors – Integrates remote sources like file shares, Azure SQ, or third-party sources like Box and IBM FileNet into the Microsoft Graph.

Taxonomy Services – Allow you to define a common hierarchy of classifications and synonyms to tag your content.

After gathering data, Project Cortex organizes your content using advanced AI and creates topic cards, topic pages and knowledge centers and delivers them to applications used throughout your organization such as Outlook, SharePoint and Teams.

Knowledge Identification

Cortex applies AI to identify knowledge and experts in Microsoft Graph and automatically organizes them into related topics.

Knowledge Curation

Cortex curates knowledge into topic pages. Experts can refine topics, and Cortex learns to update topics automatically.

Knowledge Discovery

Topic cards find you in the apps you use every day and discover topics across your organization with topic centers or Microsoft Search.