During the pandemic, more than ever, we have found that there are days where we get back to back to back to back meetings………

This leaves no time for washroom breaks, snack breaks, catch up with the kids or spouse, meal prep, going for a walk, or just generally escaping for a few minutes to lie down!

This article will show you how to set your default meeting time in your Outlook client when you schedule regular or Microsoft Teams meetings or appointments for either 25 minutes or 50 minutes (or whatever you like!).

In our organization, we have now just made this a policy – you might want to have something similar in yours!

Step 1: Open Outlook and click on the “File tab”

Step 2: Press the “Options” button


Step 3: Set the “Shorten appointments and meeting” option to “End early”, “Less than one hour” option to “5 minutes”, and the “One hour or longer” option to “10 minutes”

Note that this setting applies only to ordinary meetings (Meetings, Appointment), not to Teams Meetings. But you can add Team’s meetings for all your Outlook meetings.

Step 4: Have this setting apply to all your Outlook scheduled Microsoft Teams meetings as well

Step 5: Now, when you book your next meeting, it will end according to the settings above – either 5 min or 10 min early in my case

Hope this helps!


Posted by: Noorez Khamis & Sherry Zhao

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