Learn to Translate Messages in Teams

Welcome back to our Microsoft Teams tips and tricks series! Last week we talked about maximizing productivity through keyboard shortcuts in Teams. This week we’ll focus on a feature that will allow you to break down language barriers by translating messages.

Microsoft Teams’ most distinct characteristic is the ability to cultivate a collaborative environment – and the ability to translate messages on Teams is no exception. The inline message translation feature on Microsoft Teams lets users translate messages into their preferred language without ever leaving the chat, teams, or channel. Whether you are an international organization, a multilingual organization, or attending a virtual meeting hosted by a foreign country, the translation feature proves to be useful on multiple occasions.

To translate a message:

  1. Hover over the message you would like to translate and click on More Options 

2. Click on Translate

3. The characters that appear beside the timestamp indicate a translated message

To change the message to its original message, click on More Options and select See original message. Keep in mind, if you don’t see the translate option in Teams, the feature has not been enabled by an IT administrator.

To enable translation in the Microsoft Teams admin center:

1) Go to Messaging policies 2) Select the policy you want to edit (or add a new policy) 3) Click on Edit

4) Set the Translate messages option to On 5) Press the Save The setting will take a few hours to fully set up in the background before use.

Supported Languages

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While organizations are becoming ever more globally collaborative, language barriers are an inevitable obstacle. Teams eliminates the language barrier and allows users to clearly convey ideas in their preferred language without compromising the intended message in a foreign language.

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