Work more efficiently with keyboard shortcuts

Welcome to the first part of our Microsoft Teams tips and tricks series! In this post we’ll be talking about keyboard shortcuts.

Did you know you could be optimizing your Teams experience by using keyboard shortcuts? Microsoft Teams has an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts available to help users work more efficiently within the Teams app. The shortcuts are a convenient alternative to mouse or trackpad navigation. For users with mobility or vision disabilities, keyboard shortcuts are often easier to use than using a touchscreen.

The keyboard shortcuts


To open this keyboard shortcut directory in Microsoft Teams, type Ctrl +. Some of our most used and well-loved shortcuts are open chat (Ctrl + 2), search current Chat/Channel messages (Ctrl + F), and go to search (Ctrl + E).

Final notes

Keep in mind that the shortcuts listed above are compatible with the US keyboard layout on PCs. The keys to other layouts or non-PC devices may not correspond exactly. Also note that if you changed the order of the apps on the left navigation bar, the command depends on the app’s sequential order displayed (For example, if you moved Chat to the top of the left navigation bar, Ctrl + 1 will open it, not Ctrl + 2 listed above).

With these keyboard shortcuts, you can save precious time and operate at the highest efficiency without ever having to reach for the mouse. For more Microsoft Teams tips, stay tuned for our next blog post, and follow us on all major social media platforms @Creospark.