Microsoft Education for Teams

Microsoft 365 Education, a powerful tool for students and educators to make their remote learning environment as efficient, inclusive, and effective as possible.

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Getting Started on Teams

Access or create your online classroom anywhere with Microsoft 365 Education and Microsoft Teams

Signing into Teams

  1. Open on your web browser and sign in with your school email and password
  2. Select the Microsoft Teams app

Create a Class Team

  1. Select Teams from the side bar
  2. Select Join or Create Team
  3. Select Class as the team type
  4. Enter a name and optional description for your class, then select Next

Adding Students

  1. On your class channel, select the more options icon, then select, “Add members”
  2. Enter the names of the students you would like to add to the class, then select Add

Easy Collaboration with Teams

Collaborate with other educators

Easily share files and collaborate with your colleagues using OneDrive. When files are shared, only people you select can access and edit them. Files can always be moved to a team if you want others to view and edit.

Collaborate as a team

Microsoft 365 is a central space where students and educators can communicate, access files and collaborate in one place.

Communicate Using Microsoft Teams

Learn how to virtually meet with your class and send messages in chats and channels.

  1. To create a message for your whole class, click Teams, then pick a class team and a channel
  2. Select the Posts tab
  3. Click the compose box, type your message, and click send
  4. Use @ and the name of your class to notify everyone of your post
  1. Click on the Chat icon on the sidebar, then select New Chat
  2. In the To field, type the name(s) of the student(s) you’d like to message
  3. Type your message in the compose box and select send

Reply to a conversation thread by clicking Reply Under, adding your message and hitting send!

  • Schedule a virtual meeting in your calendar
  • Meet with your students one-on-one by using the call button in the chat
  • Use the toolbar during the meeting to add participants, send messages, share links, and share you screen

Assignments and Grading Using Teams

OneNote Class Notebook

Student Notebooks

A private notebook shared between the teacher and each student. Teachers can access every student notebook while students can only see their own.

Content Library

This is a read-only space where teachers can share handouts with students

Collaboration Space

This is a space where everyone in the class can share ideas, organize and collaborate.

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