Microsoft & Office 365 Managed Services – 24/7 Support for your Employees Using Microsoft 365

Fully managed cloud solutions that allow you to meet your business needs without the headache of knowing the technology and cloud infrastructure.

  • Access to expertise: 24/7/365 dedicated experts who specialize in support and maintenance of the Office 365 environment.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduce lost revenue caused by downtime and expenses of solving critical technology issues.

  • Improved Efficiency of your IT Team: Allow your in-house IT team to be able to focus on supporting your core business activities and increasing your business productivity.

  • Managing Updates: Office 365 managed services will keep your Office 365 environment up to date with critical updates and patches.

  • Security & Compliance: 24/7 security monitoring of Office 365. We follow changes and adjust your Office 365 environment to new requirements ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Business Continuity: High availability to end users and continuous performance without disruption, which supports efficiency and stability of business processes that are dependent on technology (collaboration, workflows, etc.).


Easy-to-start, easy-to-manage, cost-effective and complete data protection for your organization. Our backup as a service solution delivers advanced cyber protection that’s packaged and priced for small infrastructures.


  • Application-aware Hyper-V and Oracle Database backup and recovery
  • Cluster-aware backup of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Office 365 public folders backup
  • Granular Microsoft Exchange mailbox backup


  • New Performance and backup window
  • Centralized backup plans management and group management of devices
  • Instant Restore with VM finalization for Hyper-V
  • New device status rules
  • Script-based backup location targeting


  • Automatic backup file notarization
  • Automatic system-information save, if a reboot recovery fails
  • Encrypted backups support for disaster recovery
  • Five locations for replication in a backup plan
  • Secure Zone management from the backup console


Navigate Microsoft Azure and its complexities with our Azure Managed Services for your organization. The following services are available:

Initial Assessment

  • Consultation with Presales and Delivery teams

Migration Assistance

  • Importing existing standard VMs into Performance Cloud and Azure

Service Management

  • Tracking of requests for information/change, incident & service management via the a ticketing system

Architecture Guidance

  • Provided by certified Azure architects based on Microsoft and Creospark
  • practices Scaling guidance provided

24/7/365 Help Desk

  • Troubleshooting infrastructure and connection issues
  • Assistance with basic navigation in Performance Cloud and Azure portal

Advanced Infrastructure Support

  • Advanced assistance for disks, RAM, VMs, networking, RDS
  • Custom schedule for infrastructure changes


  • Anti-virus, malware protection and alerts

Security Updates

  • Windows and Linux OS updated
  • Standard monthly schedule


  • Health tracking from predefined monitors

Configuration Assistance

  • Experienced team that will assist with configuration changes

Operating System Support

  • Configuration and troubleshooting

Self-Managed Backups

  • Backup configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting

Software Support

  • Best practice setup and management of approved software

Escalation Support (Azure)

  • Incident escalation and ownership of issues relating to Azure, including Microsoft Premier Support


Give your organization access to the best Microsoft experts without having to hire and staff them internally. Take the headache out of your IT organization by having a pre-purchased block of hours for the best Microsoft experts in the industry

Access Microsoft experts at any time for a number of different items such as:

  • Consulting

  • Training

  • Debugging

  • Break Fixes


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