How to Email a Team or Channel

This week we’ll be sharing our third tip from our Microsoft Teams Tips series. There has probably been an occasion where you needed to email a team or channel and spent a decent amount of time searching for everyone’s email addresses. For every team or channel created on Microsoft Teams, an email address is created for it as well. Instead of searching for and typing out each person’s email, use the team or channel’s email address as the email’s recipient and it will automatically be sent to every member of the group. This is a valuable time saver for emailing large groups.

Steps to Get Email Addresses from Teams and Channels

1) Hover over the Team or Channel and click More Options> Get email address

2. Copy the email address. Use this email address as the recipient of your email and it will send to everyone in the Team or Channel.

The advanced options allow you to choose who can send emails to the team’s email address. When you reply to an email that has been sent to a channel, it is treated like a reply to any other post on a channel. In the rare circumstance that emails sent to the channel are too large to view in the conversation, you can click on View original email to see the original format of the email.

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